Megmander (fantom07) wrote in snc_ec_girls,


Hello Everybody!

Here's the first post in the EC community. I hope this will be a place of discussion, memory sharing, updates and just plain silliness :)

For girls who want to join up, just click the happy little "join" button and I'll make sure to add you. Remember to add this to your friend's list too!

For people who are not IN EC, feel free to add this community to your friends list. However, you will not be allowed to join unless you are an ec member :)

Just a note on posting: If you don't want anybody but members to see what you posted, just make sure to put it as "friends only" and that will take care of that!

Oh! And one more thing: I set up this account, but I don't want to be the only one who maintains it - and I know that there are A LOT of girls who have better html skills than I do :-P If you would like to help maintain this community, just leave a note in the comments or make a post of your own.

Hope this thing succeeds!
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